Boss ds-1 dating

boss ds-1 dating

Does the Boss DS-1 really sound good?

As you can tell from the clips and demo, the DS-1 definitely can sound good. Yet, Ive known a lot of fellow guitarists who have bought one as a catch-all distortion solution, and thats just not what the Boss DS-1 is. Its a niche pedal with a great price tag, but limited in its application and real-world usefulness.

What are the best settings for the Boss DS-1 distortion pedal?

Low gain setting on the Boss DS-1 distortion pedal. The DS-1 performs better at lower gain settings, with the DIST knob cut back to around 25 percent, and the LEVEL knob matched with the amps output.

What do the knobs on the DS-1 do?

The DS-1 uses three knobs to control tone, labeled as follows: The DIST or distortion control is serving as the gain knob, while LEVEL controls the overall output of the pedal. Turning LEVEL down cuts the volume of your signal, and can also add a little more aggression to your distorted tone.

Is the DS-1 as distorted as my MIDS?

Its just as distorted as your mids. Distortion inherently increases brightness and the DS-1s flavor of distortion coupled with its sensible bass rolloff and you can see why it can be a monster sometimes. The quality of the distortion, while it reacts to playing dynamics, has a consistent timbre.

Should you buy the Boss DS-1 distortion pedal?

Its important to note up front that the Boss DS-1 distortion pedal can be useful, assuming a few scenarios. My review is not to discourage everyone from buying it, but it is meant to make clear my own experience with the pedal and why I dont believe it should be as widely used as it is.

Why does the DS-1 sound so bad?

As LEVEL decreases and DIST increases, the distortion and saturation gets more aggressive. The problem is that the DS-1 never really sounds aggressive. It gets louder and bigger, but it generally doesnt have that thicker quality youd expect out of a good distortion pedal.

Should I get a DS-1 or DS-2?

Meh. In terms of DS-1 or DS-2, the DS-2 has the upper hand as it has two modes, one mode sounds pretty much the same as a DS-1, the second mode is less trebly, and generally smoother. But if you can grab a Keely modded DS-1 or DS-2, the mod really makes those pedals shine.

What is your opinion on the Sonos DS-1?

However, my overall opinion about the DS-1 is that its usefulness is far too limited, and its popularity has been supported by the low price tag alone. The DS-1 uses three knobs to control tone, labeled as follows: The DIST or distortion control is serving as the gain knob, while LEVEL controls the overall output of the pedal.

Is the Boss DS-1 the best distortion pedal under $100?

Boss has been a pioneer in the making of fine quality guitar pedals for a long time. Boss guitar pedals are known for their reasonable price and highly reliable performance, and the DS-1 distortion pedal is no exception. There are many people online saying that the DS-1 is the best distortion pedal under $100.

What is the roll-off of Boss DS-1 Distortion?

Stock is .01F for a frequency roll-off of 7.2kHz. All in all, the Boss DS-1 Distortion is an inexpensive pedal that can rival many of the best boutique pedals simply by changing the circuitry a little. While this may seem difficult, technical and out of reach, it really is very simple if you know what to change and where to change it.

Why does the DS-1 sound like it did in 1978?

Regardless of the circuit changes, the DS-1 sounds just like it did when first released back in 1978. The DS-1 has also gone through a number of cosmetical changes. The earliest version had a clear switch, silver thumb screw and the D in DS-1 placed directly underneat the t in Distortion.

What happened to the clear switch on a DS-1?

The clear switch disappeared around serial number 8700, the silver thumb screw at serial number 0500 while the D in DS-1 ended up under the i in Distortion around serial number 13xx00. The DS-1 was sold from June 1978 to present.

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