Tristan hookup

tristan hookup

Are Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson hooking up?

“Tristan and Jordyn were into each other,” a source exclusively told In Touch. “They were cuddling, holding hands. Tristan was rubbing her ass, they were definitely hooking up.” The insider continued, “Tristan seemed concerned that the other girls at his house were watching him and Jordyn on the couch.

What is Tristans relationship with miles like?

Tristan is initially distrusting of Miles, calling him trouble. They later become friends during the summer Paris trip when Miles is accepting of Tristans homosexuality. Throughout the semester, they grow closer and hang out a lot along with Maya.

How did Sabrina Ionescu and Tristan Thompson Hook Up?

Tristan and Sabrina hooked up nearly a decade ago, during Tristans rookie season in the NBA. TT was 20 years old at the time and was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Sabrinas hometown team.

Do Tristan and Miles kiss in Booty Call?

Later, Tristan and Miles help the search party to find Maya and when they discover where she is, Winston tells them they have to call the cops. Later, Tristan has a dream where him and Miles kiss. In #BootyCall, Tristan is running for Student Council President and chooses Zoë as his campaign manager.

What does miles say to Tristan before they kiss?

Miles loudly yells How dare you! at Tristan and Tristan repeats it back to him before they storm out. Whilst walking Miles smiles to himself. At school, in the corridor, Miles and Tristan are walking and are seen holding hands. Tristan and Miles kiss goodbye before Tristan leaves to goes to his class.

What is miles doing in Booty Call?

In #BootyCall, Tristan is running for Student Council President and chooses Zoë as his campaign manager. As he is showing his excitement, Miles walks into the room. Tristan is annoyed and asks what Miles was doing there, noting Miles was supposed to be going to a boarding school.

Is miles in a relationship with Tristan Milligan?

The relationship between Miles Hollingsworth III and Tristan Milligan, also known as Triles (Tristan/Miles), began after a kiss they shared in Thunderstruck. They managed to maintain a low-profile relationship until Miles told his dad about their relationship in a moment of anger.

What happened to Tristan in about a girl?

Later, Tristan tells Maya an exaggerated story of the kiss and then they both see Miles with Zoë on his lap in another room, upsetting Tristan. In About A Girl, Tristan fakes being sick when really he is heartbroken over seeing Miles and Zoë together. Tristan starts and continues skipping class because of it.

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