Birdman dating toni braxton

birdman dating toni braxton

Are Toni Braxton and birdman back together?

Many were shocked when Toni Braxton and rapper Birdman went public with their relationship. The unlikely romance began in 2016, and since then, they’ve been inseparable. Birdman proposed in 2018, and Toni said, yes! However, in 2019 rumors speculated the couple had called it quits. Toni set the record straight and told E!

Who is Toni Braxton dating now?

Who Is Toni Braxton Dating? The singer is dating her fiancé, Birdman. The pair first connected back in 2002. Braxton was featured on the rappers debut album track, ‘Baby You Can Do It.’ The music video featured the couple cozying up to each other with Braxton wrapped around the rappers arm.

Are Birdman and Toni Love getting married?

The couple have been dating for nearly 2 years - and were planning on getting married in 2019. Toni recently went on The Wendy Williams Show and explained that Birdman was eager to tie the knot - but that she was having second thoughts.

Did Tamar Braxton’s sister say Birdman got married?

The clip comes amid rumors that Braxton may have married her fiancé, Birdman, after a Valentine’s Day message from her sister, Tamar Braxton, indicated the couple had done “something special.” She has been engaged to rapper Birdman since 2018 and said last April that they would definitely get married within a year.

Is Toni Braxton dating Birdman?

Admittedly, its been a while since Toni Braxton was front and center in Hollywood. Still, shes a super famous singer who has quite the legacy behind her. So when fans heard she was dating the rapper Birdman, they were pretty happy about it!

Is Birdman still in love with Tori?

Apparently, Birdman confirmed that Tori was still his girl and his love, and his life. And in early 2020, Toni was quoted again as saying she and Birdman were planning their wedding.

What happened to Toni Birdman’s engagement ring?

Birdman reportedly splurged on a $5 million engagement ring for the songstress, whos also a mom of two, and the pair seemed more loved-up than ever. Soon, though, tragedy appeared to strike. Toni stated that she had lost her engagement ring while traveling, even @ing Delta on Twitter.

What happened to Tamar Braxtons Louis Vuitton bag?

Since she couldnt get ahold of anyone by phone, Braxton made a plea to Delta -- and anyone who mightve been on her flight and seen her Louis Vuitton bag -- on social media. Later, though, Braxton tweeted that most of her jewelry was missing, including her engagement ring.

Did Tamar Braxton just confirm Toni Braxton got married to Birdman?

However, Tamar Braxton, who cannot keep a secret, took to social media, where she more or less confirmed that her iconic sister, Toni Braxton, and the music mogul tied the knot earlier this month. “Congratulations love birds,” Tamar Braxton captioned a sweet photo of her Toni Braxton and Birdman holding hands.

Is Tamar Braxton’s sister still in a relationship?

But during a recent sit down with The Morning Hustle, Tamar shared that she still doesn’t know exactly what’s happening with her sister’s relationship status. She just knows the two are still together and she wanted to celebrate that fact.

Why did Tamar Braxton say congratulations on Valentine’s Day on Instagram?

In an interview with the hosts of “The Morning Hustle” on Feb. 23, Tamar opened up about why she made the post saying “@tonibraxton @birdman congratulations love birds” on Valentine’s Day. She said at 7:48, “I don’t know, and that post had nothing to do with a marriage proposal,” she began.

What did Tamar say about Brian and Toni’s marriage?

Tamar said, “I don’t know and that post had nothing to do with a marriage proposal. Listen let me tell you something, I was the loneliest I’ve ever been on Valentine’s Day and for me for Toni and Brian to have made it this far and this long and still in love is amazing to me. So that was what the congratulations was.

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