Ben and alex dating around

ben and alex dating around

Is Alex Rodriguez in a relationship in 2021?

In August 2021, Rodriguez spoke directly to Entertainment Tonight about his relationship, saying of his former fiancée: I had five years of an incredible life and partnership and also with my daughters, we learned so much.

Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck back together?

Since the split, Lopez has reconnected with Ben Affleck, who she had dated from 2001 to 2003. They publicly announced they had gotten back together in July 2021 when they shared photos together on her 52nd birthday.

How did Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez meet?

Lopez and Rodriguez first met at a New York Yankees game in 2005, when she was married to Marc Anthony and he was wed to Cynthia Scurtis. They rekindled their friendship and began dating in 2017, and they got engaged in April 2019. They were set for a summer 2020 wedding, but they had to postpone the event because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is Alex Bregoli dating anyone right now?

“Alex isn’t interested in dating anybody seriously right now or getting into a committed relationship,” a source close to the baseball player told HollywoodLife exclusively. “He’s still moving forward from the breakup and adjusting to the single life again.

Is Alex a-rod looking for a relationship?

The source added that A-Rod’s “passion” lies in his work, noting that, “He doesn’t feel a romantic relationship is in the cards for him right now and, if it were to happen, it’s not something he would actively be seeking out.”

Is Jennifer Lopez dating Ben Affleck in 2021?

Soon after their split, news broke that J-Lo had reunited with Affleck, whom she dated from 2001 to 2003. They went public with their romance in July 2021, and made their official red carpet debut just two months later. Image: Courtesy of Celebra. For more about J-Lo’s life, check out True Love by Jennifer Lopez.

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