Hookup cb

hookup cb

How to hook up a CB radio?

When you consider how to hook up a CB radio, be sure to use thickly insulated coaxial cable coated to protect against the weather, such as the RG-38 or RG-58 cable, and stainless steel or metal connectors such as the Motorola type or PL-259 (which has a large connector).

What is a CB?

On long solo trips, the CB can be the faithful companion that keeps your interest, making the miles fly by, while also helping you stay awake and alert.

Where should I place my CB antenna?

The ground plane surface is a major consideration when deciding where to place your CB antenna. Ideally, the best place is in the center of your roof. Roof mounted antennas provide the best ground plane and a 360 degree radiating surface to transmit your signal. However, most people dont want to drill holes in the center of their roof.

How to choose a CB radio for your vehicle?

Once youve decided to get a CB radio, selecting one that is within your budget, will meet your communication needs, and is suitable for your vehicle are preliminary steps that can affect the CB radio installation, set-up and hook-up. In one way, all CB radios are the same, no matter what you pay: they come standard with four Watts of power.

How to wire a CB radio?

Now, how to wire a CB radio - that means that youll need to run your coaxial cable from the antenna to the CB radio plus provide a source of power to run the radio. How youll do that depends on your vehicle. You may need to run cable from the trunk lid through the back seat, then under the doorframe and window pillar or the dash and firewall.

Can You mount a CB radio on an antenna?

Both single mounts (for CB radios only) and double mounts (for AM/FM radios as well as CB radios) are available. Also, a lot of people seem to like the hump mounts. After youve installed your CB radio, its time to add the antenna to the system.

How to connect a CB mic to a coaxial cable?

The condition of the coaxial connection might determine the performance of your radio a great deal. Simply put, you are going to have to connect your coax to the antenna by running the CB coax cable all the way from the antenna to the radio. The next task is to connect your CB mic.

What should I do after Ive installed my CB radio?

After youve installed your CB radio, its time to add the antenna to the system. IMPORTANT: Do not key your mic before the antenna is installed! If you do, you risk damaging or destroying your radio! Youll find a great selection of antennas on our mobile antennas page.

What should I look for when buying a CB radio?

Its important to consider where your radio will be mounted and to pick a CB that will fit conveniently within the space. For example, Jeep and off-road vehicle owners usually have little room in their cabs and tend to use smaller radios; RV and large-truck owners with ample room have a much wider spectrum of radios to choose from.

Can you use a CB radio in the car?

Its a superhero of the CB world, being able to quickly transform from convenient portable to long-range radio. When youre using it in the car, you can slide the radio into the car docking base which can be used with a permanent vehicle antenna to achieve maximum range. Need to take it for a walk? No problem.

What is the best CB radio for off-roading?

Due to its small size, the Cobra 75 is especially popular with 4x4, Jeep and other off-road vehicle owners that dont have a lot of extra cab space. I doubt many people would argue with this claim. If youre looking for the most well-known and reliable full sized CB radio on the market the Cobra 29 series is the undisputed champion.

What is the best long range CB radio to buy?

Best Long Range CB - The Cobra 148 GTL. While most CB radios broadcast at 4 watts of power, SSB equipped radios can legally broadcast at 12 watts - effectively tripling the distance you can broadcast. The person youre trying to talk with will need to have an SSB radio as well to understand you.

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