Obama dating website

obama dating website

How did Barack Obama and Michelle Obama meet?

Former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama met in 1989 at a law firm in Chicago, married three years later, and share two daughters, Sasha and Malia.

Is Michelle Obama dating the son of a Hollywood actor?

President Obamas daughter steps out with video producer boyfriend who is also the son of a Hollywood actor. Mom, Michelle confirmed her relationship just yesterday on ELLEN.

When did Michelle Obama and Barack Obama get married?

October 3, 1992: Barack and Michelle Obama get married—and the wedding photos are as romantic as you’d expect. Staying loyal to their roots in the Windy City, Barack and Michelle tied the knot at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

Is Sasha Obama dating Clifton Powell Jr?

Barack and Michelle Obamas 20-year-old daughter Sasha Obama is dating Clifton Powell Jr. , a 24-year-old son of renowned actor Ray Clifton Powell, reported the Daily Mail tabloid that he obtained images of the couple on the streets of Los Angeles.

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