Dating severus snape

dating severus snape

How would you describe Severus Snape’s relationship with Harry Potter?

Mister Potter wasn’t universally loved in the wizarding world – just ask Filch or the Slytherins – yet Snape took anti-Potter sentiment to a whole new level. He constantly berated the ‘Famous Harry Potter’ and never missed an opportunity to put the Chosen One firmly in his place.

Did Snape ever have a true love?

There were many things Snape actually liked, but probably only one he ever truly loved. Look no further than his Patronus, which remained a doe even after all those years. Though she left this world, Lily Evans never left Snape’s heart. For many, it was proof that he had one to begin with.

What was Severus Snapes problem with Lily and James?

While Lily thrived at Potions and bickered with James, Severus was getting into some seriously heavy stuff. Surrounded by friends fascinated by the Dark Arts, he became more and more involved in the wrong side of magic and fascinated by Voldemorts teachings, so much so that he called the one good influence in his life a Mudblood.

What if Snape hadnt been in Slytherin?

If Snape hadnt been in Slytherin, Voldemort would have still risen to power, yes. But Snape might well have been on the good side from the start, and wouldnt have betrayed Trelawneys prediction to Lord Voldemort. Maybe the first wizarding war would have ended differently.

Why does Severus Snape Hate Lily Potter so much?

Since Severus Snape was a young boy, he had a deep emotional attachment for the mother of Harry Potter, Lily Potter. This deep emotional attachment to Harry’s mother will soon be the main cause of why Snape has such hatred but love for Harry with risking his own life and soon dying later in the series to defeat Voldemort.

What are some interesting facts about Severus Snape?

Severus Snape is one of the most divisive characters in the entire Harry Potter series. He was a double agent, so many character details were kept a secret, and little is known about his life outside of Hogwarts. However, it is known that his mother was a witch and his father was a Muggle, which led to the moniker The Half-Blood Prince.

Did Severus Snape send Harry Potter Kind Messages from the start?

Severus Snape had a troubled relationship with Harry Potter but it turns out his first words to the boy wizard might have revealed a whole new side to him. An inquisitive fan has come up with a new theory about the complex anti-hero’s opening line to Potter – and it looks like he might have been secretly sending him kind messages from the get go.

Why did Harry name his son Albus Severus Potter?

Severus Snape. Harry was able to use Snape’s final intelligence to kill Voldemort once and for all. In the end, Harry made sure that the wizarding world knew the true role of Severus Snape, and he named his third child Albus Severus Potter in honor of the “bravest man” he ever knew.

Would Snape have treated Harry better if he had been in Slytherin?

Snape treated Harry and the other students at Hogwarts terribly for many controversial reasons that could be discussed at length in the Harry Potter fandom. Its difficult to say, though, whether he would treat Harry better or worse if he had been in Slytherin.

What would have happened if Harry Potter had been in Slytherin?

In short, Slytherins inner dynamics would have completely changed and there would probably have been a civil war within the house, as those loyal to Harry Potter clashed with the more traditionally evil students. Harry Potter would always be terrified of Severus Snape: he is a formidable character and his own Slytherin students fear him.

What was Harry Potters relationship with Severus Snape like?

Harry Potter would always be terrified of Severus Snape: he is a formidable character and his own Slytherin students fear him. But as one of his own students, Harry may have had a far closer relationship with Snape, not least because being Sorted into Slytherin would challenge the Professors belief that Harry is just like his father.

What if Snape didn’t love Lily Potter?

If it wasn’t for Snape’s love for Lily, it could be suggested that the story of Harry Potter would have looked completely different. Snape’s actions helped Harry to overthrow Voldemort. It was Snape that persuaded Voldemort to give Lily a chance to save herself. He also protected Harry during his time at school (however reluctantly).

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