Amplifier hook up

amplifier hook up

How do you hook up an amp to a car?

Have an amp that has good fuses in it. Then, hook your ground wire to the ground hook up on your amp. There are many different ways to run wires through you car so your on your own! Step 3: Hook Up Power Wire. You then hook up the power wire to the power hook up!

How do I connect two amplifiers together?

Connecting two amplifiers takes only three basic steps: Run speaker wire from the back of one amplifier into input A on the back of the switch box, making sure to connect right... Run speaker wire in exactly the same way from the back of the second amplifier into input B. Run speaker wire from the ...

How do I connect my radio to my 4 channel amplifier?

There are 3 basic ways to get a signal to your 4 channel amplifier: Connect speaker outputs to your amp’s speaker level inputs Connect a line-level adapter to the radio then use RCA cables to the amp Connect your radio to the amp using RCA cables directly

How do I connect my amp to my laptop?

Locate the headphone jack or sound card outlet on your laptop. Place the single end of your adaptor into the headphone jack or sound card port on your laptop. Find the Auxiallry inputs on your amplifier. There should be two ports. Match the colours from the split end of your adaptor cord to the input jacks on your amplifier.

How do you hook up a car AMP to a battery?

Connect the amps negative terminal to the cars chassis ground. Use a short negative power wire that is the same diameter as the positive wire that leads to the battery. Insert the main power wire fuse once all the connections for the other wires are in place.

How do you wire an amp speaker to a car stereo?

Cut the speaker wires, leaving enough length to move the wire and to have enough length to connect to the wire freely. Strip a small part on both the stereo’s speaker wire and your amp speaker wiring. If using a line-level adapter, connect to the stereo’s speaker output side.

What kind of wiring do you need for a car amplifier?

Car amplifiers dont come with any wiring included. You must supply the amps power and ground wiring, an inline fuse, a remote turn-on wire, RCA cables, and speaker wires. The power and ground wires need to be thick enough to accommodate the amps demand for electrical current or the amp wont operate properly or put out its rated power.

How do you hook up a radio to an amp?

There are two ways to do this: get a line output converter (LOC) thatll adjust the speaker-level signal for your amps input, or get an amplifier with speaker-level inputs. You cut the factory speaker wires behind the radio, and connect the wires coming from the radio to your LOC or amps inputs.

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