Dating postcard backs

dating postcard backs

How to identify and date postcards?

In identifying and dating postcards there are specific eras, defined by both style and dates; however, these dates do not account for the transition from one era to the next. It is important to remember that these “Eras” refer to the printing on the back of the postcard.

Can you write on the back of a postcard?

Only the address could be written on the back. In the United States real photo postcards originated in 1901. The American design of postcards was regulated by United States law and can be dated in general by the text and designs. Below is a brief description of the vintage designs.

What is a divided back postcard?

These were called undivided back postcards because there was no dividing line to the side of the address. No messages were allowed on this side! Postcard dated 1904. Top 10 Spellbook Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! An early divided back card, approximately 1902. Gradually, countries started to allow the message to be written on the same side as the address.

Which side of a postcard has the address on it?

‘Post Card Era’ back: With the earliest real photo postcards, only the address could be written on the back. This back dates the postcard as being from 1901-07 Divided back postcard. The left side was for the letter and the right side was for the address.

What does the address side of a postcard tell you?

The address side gives the date the card was manufactured, September 1875, along with instructions that ONLY the address was to appear on this side of the card, with further instructions on how to write the address accurately. The message on my oldest postcard, which is an undivided back postcard from 1877.

How can you tell how old a photo postcard is?

And there is usually some indication on the back of the card of what type of photo paper was used - this is often indicated by the stamp box, which will be visible if your postcard has not been mailed. See Playles guide to real photo postcard stamp box marking to help identify real photo postcard ages.

How can you tell if a postcard has a divided back?

The back of the postcard was for the address ONLY. There was often a statement that said this side for address only. The postal service started allowing the use of divided back postcards in March of 1907. So, if your postcard has an undivided back, it is from 1907 or earlier.

How do you date a postcard?

You can also date postcards by whether they are white border, linen, chrome etc. or for real photo (rppc) by the info on the stamp box. Lucky you for having a pc from the 1870s!

Which side of a postcard do you write on?

Since the front side of your postcard may have a photo inserted, use the backside to address the recipient. Postcards have two portions on the backside; use the right portion to address the recipient. There are usually three lines for you to write the recipient’s address on the backside.

How do I know where to put an address on postcards?

Look for signs of where to put an address. The address is normally placed on the right hand side of a postcard and midway down the card. There is usually a printed vertical line denoting the left and the right of the postcard.

What is the destination address on a postcard?

The address that goes in-between the stamp and barcode is the destination address. The return address, although this is not necessary, is placed on the top left-hand corner of the postcard. Barcodes, in the mail delivery world, are typically used as road maps. A variety of websites exist to design and print postcards, usually for a fee.

Where do stamps go on a postcard?

However, exclusion areas are based on the size of the postcard. Stamps go right above the address and barcode on panoramic postcards, which are typically 11.25 inches by 5.75 inches in size. On giant postcards, which are typically 8.5 inches by 11 inches in size, the stamp goes in the upper right-hand corner directly above the address and barcode.

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