Hook up warn atv winch

hook up warn atv winch

How to install a winch on an ATV?

Step By Step Guide to Installing a Winch on an ATV 1 Before Installation. You will have to find the precise mounting plate for your winch, as well as a durable bumper that will be compatible with the winch. 2 Tidying up the Front. ... 3 Mounting Bracket, Cable & Fairlead. ... 4 Handlebar & Remote Control Switch. ...

What controls the winch on a Warn winch?

So, a switch mechanism controls the winch. The same switch mechanism controls the drum rotation. It is known that each Warn winch has its pulling power. The maximum capacity is on the 1st rope layer on the drum. The power starts decreasing when the layers increase.

How do you fix a winch that wont turn on?

Connect the negative cable to one of the terminals on the winch. Gently tap the other terminal using the positive cable. This is done to make sure the winch does not have a dead short.

How to maintain the cable of a winch?

Store the cable in a dry place, avoid getting any objects, as well as oil, dirt, metal and sharp things on the drum when winding the cable, watch for the absence of loops on the cable – this will shorten the life of the cable, reduce its mechanical strength and increase danger of work with a winch. Protect the cable from corrosion.

How to install a winch on an ATV or snowmobile?

Attach the roller fairlead using bolts, nuts and lock washers to hold them in place Install the plate and secure it in place, Ensure you move any wires or hoses while at it to prevent damaging your ATV. Using an adhesive while securing the plate keeps the bolts in place. Mount your winch on the plate, and fasten the bolts.

How do I install the winch and mounting plate?

The winch and the mounting plate come with specific installation instructions and warnings, which you should go through carefully before you begin. First, you need to remove the plate at your front bumper by unscrewing the bolts with the screwdriver. There are about four bolts in front, and four at the sides.

Can you put a winch on a stock bumper?

Most stock bumpers are not even created with a space to install a winch. Go through the parts catalogue where you ordered your winch from, and get a bumper that will be compatible with it. Some manufacturers actually sell mounting systems that include a customized mounting plate, and bumper in one package.

How do you wire a winch wire?

If your winch wire is already on the drum when you purchase it, unspool a part of it. Attach your cable to a heavy object, then start the winch, and the wire will start to spool up correctly. If you got the winch without the wire wrapped around the drum, then just attach it and follow these steps.

How do you use a winch cable?

While the winch is slowly pulling the cable to itself, guide the cable with your gloved hands. Make sure that it is wrapped neatly and evenly around the drum. Make sure that you have a complete layer of winch cable around the drum, from one side to the other, before overlapping it on top of itself.

What are the most important accessories of a winch?

Among all of the accessories of a winch, perhaps the most important is the winch cable or rope. The winch cable is the part that gets exposed all of the time. It is also the part that experiences the most tension during a pull. Due to its importance, you might decide to get a winch cable that is of a better quality than the one you currently have.

How to spool a winch line?

Spooling the winch line. You can start spooling your new winch cable once it is absolutely and securely attached to the drum. To make the process easier, do not do this manually. Instead, turn the winch on and use the remote control to make the winch pull the cable towards itself.

How much weight can a winch line hold?

Your winch cable is likely to be the weakest link in your recovery setup. There are tons of Jeeps running around with 8000-9000 lb winches with 5/16 cable. We can see that according to our calculations if that Jeep gets stuck to the tires, a winch line thats in perfect condition will be 1800 lbs away from snapping.

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