Dating french translation

dating french translation

How do you say boyfriend and girlfriend in French?

Now the (younger) French prefer to say “mon mec” or “mon copain” for boyfriend and “ma meuf” or “ma copine” for girlfriend. When Stéphane arrives to meet Alix and her friends at the bar, she’ll introduce him, “Voilà, je vous présente mon copain Stéphane” (this is my boyfriend Stéphane).

How do I start learning the French language?

Start with the Complete French Beginners course, then follow up with French Next Steps. Read more

What is the most frequently used method of dating?

→ The most frequently used method is radiocarbon dating. n. datant (vt.) ; sortant (vi.) n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. You want to reject this entry: please give us your comments (bad translation/definition, duplicate entries...) To add entries to your own vocabulary, become a member of Reverso community or login if you are already a member.

What are some French words for girlfriend?

French words for girlfriend include petite amie, amie, copine, nana, petite copine and copiné. Find more French words at!

What are some French slang words for boyfriend?

1 Mec: Pronounced meck, this translates best to guy or bloke. Mon mec is used for boyfriends, as in my guy. 2 Jules: Pronounced jool. Another slang term for a guy or boyfriend. 3 Flirt: Pronounced similarly to English. ... 4 Amoureux: Pronounced am-or-euh. Used in a variety of contexts, all generally colloquial. ...

How do you say girlfriend in Quebecois?

Quebecois French has evolved over the years in North America. While the other expressions will still make sense, you can use the slang un chum, pronounced tch-UH-m when in eastern Canada. The slang term for a girlfriend is not, une chume, but rather une blonde.

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